We finally sat down

…and thought about the toilet.

There is nothing that cannot be improved with innovative thinking. We applied this theory to the everyday toilet and the result flows with the most efficient, hygienic and state-of the art function.

We removed the flushing edge, creating the Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ pan. Grime and bacteria have nowhere to hide. The powerful flush is now precise and splash free while it efficiently washes the complete pan, propels the waste away  and uses less water.

RimlesssliceWe couldn’t help but go a step further so we coated and baked the entire pan in Seima Nanoglaze™ – a nanometre -thin
coating 6 times smoother than ordinary glaze. The coating contains a Silver/Zinc compound that actively reduces harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli (E Coli) by over 95%.

Thanks to the pairing of our Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ and the Seima Nanoglaze™ coating, your Seima toilet stays cleaner and becomes easier to clean. The waste just washes away.

So, when it comes to a true clean flush, we’re on a roll.

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