Toilet Shelves & the Syphonic Flush

toilet with shelf
Toilets with a shelf in pan cause waste to collect, and require more regular cleaning.

Many European and American designed toilets often use a flushing technology called syphonic flush. Syphonic flush uses a full bowl of water, which “syphons” the water and waste when flushed.

In Australia we generally use the “wash down” flushing method which has minimum water in the bowl, and the flush washes down the water and waste. All Seima toilets are wash down toilets.

Syphonic flush toilets are rare in Australia as they are considered a little odd due to the high water level and possibility of splashing during use.

toilet without shelf
Toilets without a shelf are more hygienic and easy to clean.

On some toilets adapted for the Australian market, a shelf remains as a byproduct of the syphonic flush design. Most consumers given a choice would avoid a toilet pan with a shelf, for obvious reasons. However you would be surprised at how often a European or American designed toilet will have a shelf.

So when you are selecting a new toilet, look inside the pan, and make sure you are selecting a toilet pan that is designed to stay clean and splashfree. All the toilets in the Seima Toilets range are shelf-less.

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