A Sharp Solution to Double Sink Trouble

Seima’s handmade Tetra Pro sinks are a stunning example of minimalism in the kitchen. Now Seima has
tetraprorazorfrontintroduced the Tetra Pro Blade to address the need for a simple and stylish alternative to a traditional double bowl sink.

Traditional double bowl sinks have a 30-40mm “bridge” that is too narrow for a stone section as it is likely to crack, and is too wide to be inconspicuous. The bridge also creates splashing when a running tap is moved from one bowl to the other. The team at Seima went to work to find a solution and the result was a light bulb moment: “Let’s butt two bowls together, and remove the bridge completely!”

That sounds simple, but to deliver on that clever idea in the factory means strict attention to detail, tighter manufacturing tolerances and precision welding. The result is the Tetra Pro Blade – two large bowls, with a barely visible 2.4mm divider! The Tetra Pro SKS-T750 not only looks stunning, it simplifies and minimises benchtop cutouts. Your benchtop remains the highlight feature, with only a single cutout for the sink.

The Tetra Pro Blade’s minimalist lines complement rather than complicate, enhancing rather than detracting from your benchtop. And the practicality of being able to move a running tap from bowl to bowl without splashing has obvious advantages. It’s also possible to mount the Tetra Pro range in an “above-mount” position, where the brushed stainless steel edge sits on top of the benchtop. Some people prefer this look, and it has the added bonus of protecting the benchtop edge from chipping by pots and pans. So, next time you are specifying a double bowl sink, choose the Tetra Pro Blade from Seima, and let your benchtop shine.

Do you have an outdoor kitchen?
Why not consider the Tetra Pro SKS-T790? It’s big enough to fit your whole BBQ hotplate for easy cleaning! You could also team a small and medium Tetra Pro together (eg SKS-T250 + SKS-T550) and use the small sink as an ice bucket.


Registered Design No. 364872, protected under Designs Act 2003

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