The Future is a Rimless Clean Flush™


Seima has just announced their upcoming Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ range, the toilets of the future.

Conventional toilets have been around for a while and offer opportunities for improvement. On their Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ range, Seima removed the flushing rim and introduced an enhanced propulsion system for less flushing and less brushing.

Traditional toilet rims collect  grime and bacteria. By removing the flushing rim, dirt and germs have nowhere to hide, so when Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ toilets look clean, they really are!

A toilet pan isn’t as smooth as you might think, so they added the Seima NanoGlaze™ coating that’s over six times smoother, with a special anti-bacterial compound to actively reduce bacteria by over 95%.

And, of course, Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ toilets will boast elegant, contemporary designs that enhance any bathroom.

So, for a powerful choice that future-proofs your bathroom, choose Seima Rimless Clean Flush™. Register now to keep informed at

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