Because Life Should Flow

We are excited to announce that our annual Seima News magazine has been featured in the November issue of the HIA Housing Magazine.

Issue 4 of our News magazine features the Designyo vanity system, Seima Rimless™ Clean Flush toilet with Seima Nanoglaze™, Tetra Pro Blade stainless steel sink and more.

HIA mag distrib 10-15

CLICK HERE for an interactive version

Or email with your name and address and we will post a free copy directly to you within three business days.

One thought on “Because Life Should Flow

  1. Hi,Well done, it looks great. Just thought I’d mention that I painted my kitchen cabinets with white chalk paint and used a non yellowing polyurethane to cover them to protect them…however after a year the cabinetry had yellowed despite its claims that it wouldn’t. I’ve since research that poly really doesn’t like the colour white and pretty much always yellows it. Today I am going to re-paint all the cabinets and use the wax instead.All the best.

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